Saint George supporters want Carlos Pinto’s head


A one year contract remaining with the club Portuguese Head coach Carlos Pintos stay with Saint George is in question after the knock out loss to old rivals Mekelakya. This is the first time in six seasons that the record Ethiopian Champions will be absent from international fixtures and many of the club’s supporters are voicing their anger about the Coach. “We finished the season with nothing to show for our big spending in signing big name footballers as well the hard work. It is time to see off Pinto for he failed to deliver what is expected of him,” A longtime supporter remarked after the defeat. “If not a second season with no trophy is eminent,” he added.
Though arguably the second most popular side in Ethiopia claiming a strong financial resource, in command of the most talented footballers and signing the highest number of foreign players, Saint George returns home with no trophy for the first time this season. Throwing away a fifth consecutive Premier League title to new comers Jimma AbaJifar followed by a penalty shootout defeat to the humble Army side, supporters are in sheer frustration at the presence of Pinto in the new season.
“His mission was to help us achieve something at the African Champions League. Yet let alone achieving better, we are no longer taking part in this season’s international fixtures. I want him replaced before a second season without any silverware,” suggested a frustrated fan.
The Army sides’ penalty shootout victory appeared to be the last straw but many are also not happy about Pinto’s losing the title to a team promoted that very season and the squad built under him undermining veterans the likes of Degu Debebe and Adane Girma.