Seyoum Kebede boss The Emperors’ new season


Confederation cup participants Fasil Town handed a two year contract to Seyoum Kebede who succeeded popular Coach Wubetu Abate. Seyoum’ debut match is an international return leg match in Darussalam. In the meantime inquest of a fast return to the Premier League Mekelakya appointed Zelalem Shiferaw.
Seyoum who led the Army side Mekelakeya to a miraculous knockout and Super Cup double trophies at the start of the season sacked at midseason following number of shocking defeats including the 5-1 drubbing at the hands of Adama Town. Out of employment for the past six months Seyoum finally landed a dream job at Fasil Town currently engaged in international fixtures. “It is going to be hard to Seyoum for he replaced Wubetu who really performed a miracle to put Gondor in Ethiopian football map” Seyoum’s former teammate at Giorgis suggested.
In the meantime relegated Mekelakya signed former Sidama Coffee, Hawssa Town, Diredawa Town and Debub Police boss Zelaem Shiferaw. Though his recent time records stand impressive resigning in midseason from Diredawa and Debub Police, The Army side gave him a chance to help them win promotion at the end of the coming season.
“Although appointing a seasoned Coach is ideal for winning promotion, Zelalem aka Mourinho is not the right choice for his bad habit of walking out in midseason” a former Mekelakya player currently a talent scout at Ethiopia Medin suggested. “I assure you he will quit at the end of the first round” he added.