Super League new season opens over the weekend


Ethiopian Super League new season Group A and B fixtures kicks off over the weekend while Group C opening matches postponed to the coming Tuesday thanks to the federation’s sudden decision of changing the pre-designated venue Jimma stadium to Diredawa.
Of the twelve sides that comprised Group (C) three are former premier league sides namely, Ethiopia Medin (Insurance), Arbaminch Ketema and Debub Police. Therefore a do-or-die battle is ahead to book the one place reserved for promotion.
Famous for producing young talents out of tight budgets former WolaitaDicha Coach Mesay Teferi is in his second season with Arbaminch thus the hottest favorite to win the group. The hot weather a comfort for the players and Diredawa a second home for the former Ethiopia Bunna striker turned Coach Mesay, Arbaminch appears to have an edge to make it in to the top tier.
Ethiopia Medin under Tsegaye Wondemu (Agro) is considered a strong contender for promotion. Wiping out nearly all players signed under Yared Tolera last season, free reign Tsegaye signed more than a dozen new faces to don the famous Blue Jersey of Medin.
Medin boasts senior players the likes of former national team defender and goalkeeper Berhanu Bogale (Fadiga) and Binyam Habtamu respectively. “Super League fixtures are not about being young and technical, it is rather experience and battlefield medals that count most” once Tsegaye remarked to reporters.
Two years as assistant Coach to the club Alazare Melese is now a full-fledged Coach of Debub Police. Though not as financially strong as Medin and Arbaminch, the club has a huge resource of young talents from which Alazar could build a competent side.
Group © opening fixtures on Tuesday brings a head on clash between Arbaminch and batu Ketema while Medin to face ArsiNegele. Yeka Sub-city against Debub Police, Kirkos versus Butagera, Dilla against Kolfe and Selete taking Shinshicho are the other fixtures at Diredawa stadium.