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The 16th road relay

Great Ethiopian Run (GER) in Collaboration with International First Highway Engineering (IFH), Chinese Construction Firm, and Addis Ababa City Roads Authority stages it’s another flagship annual Road relay races for 16th year successively. This year’s race theme to promote road safety is “Let us respect the rules and protect ourselves from traffic accident” a theme intended to emphasize pedestrians to play their own role in promoting road safety.
Two types of competing teams participated on the relay, the Elite and the Mass. There were 50 Elite teams of four members each, where each athlete tasked to run 3km, in order to complete the designated 12km Race for each team. Among them 30 were all women teams.
Meanwhile, there were 120 teams of six members each, in the mass participation scheme. The teams were categorized under 10 different segments, based on the nature of institutions they are coming from. Thus, every team member has to finish a minimum of one kilometer and pass the baton for his/her teammates.
The relays are believed to make employees of various institutions take part representing their companies by forming a team, a process that enables them to create a good team sprit between themselves while giving them a platform to perform a physical exercise.
Moreover, it is to promote a healthy life style by performing physical activities and to create additional awareness in a fight to tackle traffic accident, which claimed thousands of innocent lives, through such kinds of platforms.
This year’s event has also seen a number of high profile officials from different stakeholders in attendance. This includes CCCC and IFH Managers Wen Yingzhen and Xiao Zhiqiang, International Labor Organization (ILO) Country Director Alexio Musindeo, one of the partners of GER for this race and celebrating its centennial; Head of Addis Ababa City Roads Authority, Moges Tibebu and others who proved to be an essential ally for the success of this event.
WINNERS of the race
Elite Men’s Race
Ethio Electric Sport Club
Kolfe Keranio Athletics Club
Mekelakeya Sport Club
Elite Women’s Race
Ethio Electric Sport Club
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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