The day when Luis Figo arrived at Real Madrid


Nobody really doubts that Luis Figo is one of the best Portuguese footballers of all time. If he would play now, visiting the website for online sport betting in Nigeria – 1xBet to wager on him would certainly be an excellent prospect. Right now, probably seeing Lionel Messi with the Real Madrid shirt would be something inconceivable.

Back then, Figo was the best player in the Barcelona squad, and like Messi, imagining him with the Real Madrid shirt was something that nobody could imagine. Well, as many football fans probably know, despite how impossible it looked back then, that’s exactly what happened. It was the beginning of the Galácticos era. If they played now, 1xBet Nigeria website for online sport betting in the country would be an excellent place to visit to make wagers on all the events where they would play.

The beginning of the Galácticos

Florentino Pérez is certainly a controversial character. Back then, he just started his tenure as the new president of Real Madrid. Visiting 1xBet – your best betting site live streaming for gambling on the Spanish squad is something that can be really profitable. When he was a candidate, he promised something that seemed outrageous. He promised that Figo would be a Real Madrid player, otherwise, he would reimburse all the ticket money to the affiliates of the team.

Now, imagine that someone promises that Messi would join Real Madrid. That’s how impossible to realize this promise looked. However, Pérez had a huge strategy to achieve his goal. He made sure that all Figo’s environment, including his closest friends and family, would try to convince him to join Los Blancos. At the end of the day, that’s exactly what happened. Your best betting site 1xBet live-streaming is certainly the best place to visit in order to wager on this squad.

A seemingly unstoppable team

As probably most fans know, Real Madrid built a squad that seemingly looked unstoppable. Visiting a site like right now to bet on it would be an excellent choice. Other players that arrived at Real Madrid under Florentino Pérez back then include:

  • David Beckham;
  • Zinedine Zidane;
  • and Ronaldo Nazario.

Of course, the fact that Figo joined Real Madrid from Barcelona was probably the biggest act of treason, from the Catalans point of view of course, that football could have ever witnessed. The first match where both teams faced each other with Figo in the Madrid side was a tense one. The bus that carried Real Madrid was violently attacked, and at Camp Nou, all fans threw all kinds of objects at Figo. The Portuguese lamented he was being treated worse than an assassin. Of course, everybody should visit 1xBet to bet on the Spanish La Liga.