Wubetu Abate linked to Saint George


The speculation that Wubetu Abate’ destination is Saint George appeared to come true. The record champions extended six players contracts while handing over new contracts to two players.
The current new development at the club is considered more than enough indication that the former Adama, Hawassa and Ethiopia Bunna Coach who almost led Fasil Town in to a Premier League title Wubetu Abate is the latest coach of “The Horse Men.”
Spearheading a new league format comprised of only Addis Ababa teams, Abnet G/Meskel came to terms with Wubetu to take over the hot seat at Saint George.
According to sources the club has decided to sign no more foreign coaches as well footballers and therefore opted for a local coach capable of delivering results. “The new motto is about helping football to survive and to forget about rivalries and unhealthy practices,” disclosed the source.
“Wubetu is the most admired coach for building an entertaining yet result oriented team at the recently wrapped up chaotic season therefore as usual Kidua Giorgis is his next destination for the historic team is the dream of every local coach” sources’ added.
Leading Ethiopia Bunna to its ever premier league title nine seasons back, Wubetu is not short of experience to boss around and being the most sought after coach in the market, Giorgis might officially unveil his appointment late next week.