Wubetu Abate signed a lucrative two years contract


A two years contract worth more than 2.2 million Birr, the former champion with Ethiopia Bunna Wubetu Abate joined Fasil Ketema. “Despite many requests from other clubs, I chose Fasil Ketema for being a club ready for a modern structural change and having big dreams” Wubetu stated in the press conference held at Ethiopia Hotel.
Though his final season with Hawassa Ketema was less impressive in terms of result but highly appreciated for building an entertaining football playing squad and introducing number of young talents. Fasil Ketema officials didn’t waste time to bring home Wubetu their ideal person to bring the Club’s big dream of becoming a dominant side in the next season.
According to Fasil Ketema Board Chairman Aschalew Worku, Fasil Ketema has set a road map to become a big club that could meet international standards in all aspects including the Club’s structure, therefore they signed Wubetu to help them achieve this huge goal. “We are going to build a strong team not out of foreign players rather to nurture our own Young talents. We have no plan to sign foreign players’ unless we left with no other option” Aschalew remarked.
Formerly with Adama Ketema, Ethiopia Bunna, Ethiopia NegedBank and Hawassa Ketema, Wubetu has also a two years’ experience with Sudan side Al-Eshendi thus his vast experience is to be tasted with Fasil Ketema renowned for millions of home supporters.