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Mineral trading to soon debut on ECX

The new era is dawning on the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) by introducing strategic mineral trading at its platform besides the traditional agricultural commodities. The...

New commodity entrance to spike productivity

The adding of a new commodity to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) in its trading floor is expected to boost the production of beans...

ECX reaps big in the first half fiscal year

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange /ECX/ grabs 19.8 billion birr revenue and 119 million birr in profit in the first half of the current fiscal year....

ECX vying for future trading scheme

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), an electronic trade platform, states that it will conclude a study for future and forward trading scheme. The 12 year...

Pulses to be traded under ECX

The coming of new pulses at the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) is expected to make it uniform at the trading. The trading floor established in...

ECX opens local window for soybean

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), an electronic commodity trading floor, opened a special trading window for local processers, who use soybean as an input,...

Quantity of products entering ECX increases

The products entering the warehouses of the modern trading platform Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) has increased in the last couple of weeks, Capital learned. Experts...

ECX starts warehouse receipt finance

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) introduces warehouse receipt financing (WRF) in collaboration with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). The collateralized commodity finance project that initially...

Niger Seed, the 10th commodity in the ECX platform

In addition to the nine agricultural commodities Niger Seed has been attracting the modern marketing system, as the 10th agricultural product. The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange;...

Coffee value increases 55% at ECX

During September’s 20 trading days, the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) has traded 2.1 billion birr in commodities. Coffee’s trade value has increased 55 percent...
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