Capital 23th final
Capital 23th final
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Maybe second chance for EPL relegated sides

With the three premier league clubs from Tigray: Mekele Ketema, Sehul Shere and Adigrat University are not yet decided to join back the top...

Quadruple hat-trick king Abubakar Naser set EPL new records

A magnificent hat trick over Sidama Bunna in Monday's match at Hawassa ketema, Abubaker Naser broke the Top scorers’ three years record held by...

Free scoring Mujib Kassim leads EPL scorers’ chart

A braid from the spot kick over Adama Ketema on Wednesday, Fasil Ketema one man strike force Mujib Kasim took his goal tally to...

Nightmare is looming around EPL Coaches

Just half way into the first round, three Coaches namely St George’s Maahier Davids, Fasil Ketema’s Seyoum Kebede and Sebeta’s Abraham Mebratu are currently...

What a nightmarish 2020 first round for EPL Coaches

2020 Ethiopian premier League season first round turned out a nightmare for Coaches that six out of the sixteen pushed into unemployment. Sehul-Shere’s Samson...

2019/20 EPL season kicks off this weekend

2019/20 Ethiopian Premier League new season kicks off today with the biggest opening weekend biggest match featuring Super Cup winners Fasil Town visiting Abebe...

Low standards to coach EPL clubs

Coaches who have bad reputation or poor records appear to have a far better chance of employment with Ethiopian Premier League clubs, than new...

EPL second round opening weekend fiesta; Fasil Vs Sidama; Baherdar Vs...

The 2019 Ethiopian Premier League season’s second round kicks-off today with six of the eight fixtures taking place out of the capital Addis Ababa....
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