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Tele to redistribute pay-phones, provide wifi on Ethiopian flights

Plans to charge for Whatsapp, Facebook texts Ethio-telecom and Ethiopian airlines agreed to begin phone call service and WiFi services both on local and...

Big changes for Tele

The newly appointed CEO of Ethio-telecom, Freheiwot Tameru, announced that the telecom is undertaking major reforms. Regional officers will now have more leeway to make...

Ethio-telecom lifts performance security bond for four multinational companies

The sourcing committee which is comprised of high telecom officials unconditionally lifted the security bond for four companies including ZTE, Ericsson, and Huawei, effective...

Ethio-telecom franchises out 94 service centers Agreements renewable every five years

Ethio-telecom, the nation’s sole telecom provider, has entered into franchise agreements with three companies to open new service centers under its brand. The telecom...

Ethio telecom gets new boss

After serving for the last five years, Andualem Admassie (PhD), CEO of Ethio Telecom, has been replaced by Frehiwot Tamiru, who was a former...
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