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Freight forwarders express burden over NBE’s directive

Logistics operators argue that the amended directive of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) on foreign currency earnings and retention is not putting in...

Consultancy to follow after ‘securities market’ ratification

A consultant that has wide expertise in coming up with the idea of a startup capital is expected to be hired as the next...

NBE drafts directive to modernize the money market

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is drafting a directive on Open Market Operations (OMO) and Standing Facilities (SF) to establish a formal and...

Some banks prohibited from issuing LC

Following the move of National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) banning some financial firms from issuing letter of credit (LC) the week was catalyzed by...

The swing of paid up capital over the years

In less than three decade’s time, the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has introduced the fourth minimum paid-up capital for the establishment of banks....

EBA pleas government for intervention on bank guarantee suspension

Ethiopian Bankers Association (EBA) has asked the government to intervene on the latest measure of National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) on suspending some banks...

Construction contractors remain riddled

NBE suspends 8 banks from issuing bank guarantees National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) suspends about 8 banks from issuing bank guarantees for construction companies. Meanwhile,...

AfDB grants $2.33 mln to support electronic payments infrastructure

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank has approved a grant of $2.33 million to EthSwitch Share Company, an initiative led by...

NBE sets new directive to cripple the black market

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) revised the diaspora account holders which is highly anticipated to cripple the parallel market besides expanding the remittance. Experts...

Central Bank slam banks over shell bank involvement

The central bank has accused some banks on the tendency to work with shell banks. The investigation of National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), which recently...
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