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NBE board approves primary market directive

Securities exchange to begin in 2022 On its meeting on Thursday June 10, the Board of Directors of National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) issued...

T-Bills register highs in quick succession

The fund collected through the Treasury bills (T bills) market, one of the primary money market instruments, registered the second highest ever amount within...

Some banks prohibited from issuing LC

Following the move of National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) banning some financial firms from issuing letter of credit (LC) the week was catalyzed by...

Local manufacturers to enjoy suppliers’ credit scheme

The controversial suppliers’ credit directive has been revised to include local manufacturers to access inputs on credit. It is recalled that in October 2017, the...

Agriculture sits at the top of fresh loan Unique balance of...

Unlike the previous experience, the agriculture sector has got better attention in terms of finance allocation, while the overall balance of payments has shown...

Bridging the IT industry and Academia

ICT-ET (Information and Communication Technology association of Ethiopia) is an association set to EXPOSE, ENGAGE and ENABLE the private sector involved in Information Technology,...

First quarter fiscal year update and capacity building plans

New regulation that targets the improvement of skilled labour in the financial institutions is expected to be tabled for the Council of Ministers. The capital...

Ethiopians open a foreign currency account

The National Bank of Ethiopia is going to allow Ethiopians who work in different organizations and who are paid in foreign currency to open...

NBE sets new directive for successful demonetization

Under the demonization process, the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has emplaced some revisions on the process. The revision is inclusive of the reduction...

NBE secures financial consumers security

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has issued a directive that aims to protect and build the confidence of the financial consumers by promoting...
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