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Huge role for new sugar board

With the goal of allowing private investors to play in the sugar business the government has drafted new rules including creating a board to...

Sugar scarcity continues

The sugar scarcity saga shows no signs of slowing in Ethiopia. In September the country’s nine regions and two city administrations received 390,000 quintals...

New law sets sugar standards

In the next six to twelve months, five sugar factories may finally be open for business and companies are getting ready to take part...

Upstart, local sugar company in privatization push

The recently formed local firm, Ethio Sugar Manufacturing Share Company, is shortlisted as the only local company in the privatization process for the established...

Sugar rises 2.60 birr per KG in Capital

Sugar prices are becoming bitter as they rise to 21 birr per kilo in a move to help mills cover production costs. It’s a significant...

Six companies’ bids qualify to import sugar

The Sugar Corporation (SC) has continued purchasing sugar because the highly anticipated sugar factories that are being built across the country have been delayed...
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