INTERVIEW with Jonathan Dimbleby


One of the popular coverage that BBC covered so far in Ethiopia is the Wollo Famine that presented horrible picture of people who died with hunger and loose there weight. Though it is a past history some westerner still picture Ethiopia in the film that they saw back 46 years ago. The man behind the story and whose name is very popular in the BBC as well in the global media is Jonathan Dimbleby. The journalist agreed that the famine was a horrible and shocking situation in the history of Ethiopia but he said that Empereor Haileselassie was not aware of the situation and did not concealed to the global world.
Last Mondy Jonathan Dimbleby came to Addis for his TV show and host a debate program.
Before the show Capital’s Reporter Tesfaye Getnet talked to him about the film he made about Wollo famine and the global media challenge and achievements. Excerpts.