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Doing business in Addis PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 August 2015 08:22

When EPRDF took power in 1991, the number of licensed businesses operating in Addis Ababa were no more than 3,500, but now exceed 247,000. The Addis Ababa Trade Bureau is responsible for regulating the proliferation of businesses, for giving licenses and for revoking these licenses when businesses misstep. The Bureau, which is in charge of overlooking businesses in 116 Woredas of Addis has been working to create conducive environment for legal businesses, with significant progress towards its goal. Some problems, however, still persist. There are shortages of subsidized goods that many depend on to survive, often due to crook merchants hoarding goods, taking advantage of bureaucratic loopholes, and evading taxes.  In an attempt to address oil shortages, the Bureau have entered into an agreement with five companies to distribute Palm Oil, in what has been praised a great step towards a solution. The Bureau’s request that live stock be traded with receipts, on the other hand, has not been as popular.  Abreham Mio, Addis Ababa Trade Bureau’s Legal Officer sat down with Capital’s Tesfaye Getnet to talk the bureau’s recent triumphs and challenges. Excerpts:

Capital: Is the concept of ethical business well understood, and practiced in the business community?
Abreham Mio:
We cannot say that all businesses are unethical or that all are ethical. But we have seen the rise of a new business culture, where only profit matters.  Many simply want to make big money by gaining high profits on a single product. Such practices can most often be seen on products subsidized by the government, such as sugar, palm oil and wheat. For example, in Merkato, there are many small shops, which are in fact fronts for merchants with large amounts of products stored somewhere in the city. This happens because people want to evade taxes, and make big profits at the expense of the public. To ensure fair transactions that benefit customers and businesses, we have made several reforms and penalized those trying to harm our society by suspending or revoking their licenses. We have made progress with a number of proclamations that have resulted in better business practices. For many years people had been participating in whole sale trade and in retail trade with a single license, we have been doing fantastic work to sort out these gaps, and ensure that businesses are licensed according to their product and service. Add a comment

Ethiopian: One step closer to bringing the world together PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 August 2015 09:22

Samson Mengistu is the Deputy Executive Director for Administration at Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). As a senior executive, Samson oversees the functions of the Comptroller, Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC) Office, Human Resources, Risk Management and Contract Services. Capital’s Groum Abate spoke to Samson to get a glimpse of the workings of the LAWA and the new Ethiopian Airlines flight to Los Angeles. Excerpts:

Capital: Why are you here in Ethiopia?
Samson Mengistu:
I’m here because Ethiopian Airlines launched a new service between Los Angeles and Addis Ababa, and as part of my responsibility–I’m the Deputy Director for the Los Angeles Airport–one of my responsibilities is air service development. So I have been talking to Ethiopian Airlines about starting a new service. And now that they have started that service, we feel like we need to promote the service so that the flight is successful. Add a comment




1. Do you think the telecom sector should be open for foreign firms?

(442 votes)

29.6%   (131)
68.3%   (302)
2%   (9)


2. Do you think the banking sector should be open for foreign firms?

(306 votes)

19%   (58)
80.7%   (247)
0.3%   (1)

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