Thursday 10th July 2014


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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 06:09

UAE based Naztech Petroleum Investment Group has put up USD 10 million capital to open the first oil lubricant plant in Ethiopia. Built in Galaan town in Oromia Regional State the plant produces lubricants and grease under Lubtam Lubricants brands. The plant has been built in technical collaboration with a UAE based company, German Mirror Lubricants and Greases FZE.
Capital’s Groum Abate sat down with the CEO of Naztech Nazir Ibrahem Omar to talk about Lubtam’s operations as well as possible oil exploration in Ethiopia

Capital: Tell us about the investment you made here
Nazar Ibraheim Omar:
Naztech Petroleum Investment Group came to Ethiopia to establish an oil lubricant blending plant. It will blend and produce all types of lubricants and greases; that is to say grease for cars, trucks and other types of equipment as well as industrial lubricants for machines that produce sugar, cement and other products.
As you are aware for a long time Ethiopia was importing lubricants from overseas.  We have brought the technology and knowledge about blending lubricants and making them. Most importantly we are producing them by following the highest standards of quality.  In addition to establishing the blending plant we also developed a state of the art oil and lubricant laboratory.
Previously the public and private sector did not have access to this type of laboratory and as you can understand laboratories are very important in the quality of production. Now for the first time the Ethiopian government will be able to access the laboratory and test the quality of all lubricants.  The investment is quiet sizable with almost 10 million USD for the first phase. There will be a second phase to establish a grease factory. Add a comment




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2. Do you think the salary increase made by the government will stabilize the cost of living?

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