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Tuesday, 16 December 2014 05:33

Ethiopia’s fashion industry is still in its infancy. But, more and more emerging designers are popping up and taking the sector by a storm. For the new generation of designers there are always role models they looked up to and one of these is Genet Kebede, owner of Paradise Fashion, which was established in 1992. Capital’s Eskedar Kifle spoke to Genet about her two decades of experience as well as the challenges and opportunities in fashion.
Capital: Tells us about your background.
Genet Kebede:
I was born and raised here in Addis Ababa. I attended high school education at Nazareth and Hiwot Berhan School. After that I studied fashion in Buenos Aires, Argentina and also studied Industrial fashion design in Italy.
Capital: After returning to Ethiopia, how did you begin your career as a designer?
It was around 22 years ago that I started working in fashion. When I returned back to Ethiopia, there was a big international trade show and there were a group of Swedish people that came and asked me to do a collection and they wanted it to be very unique.
Fashion designing was something that I really wanted to do after I came back from my studies, I even designed my graduation outfit and it had received huge appreciation. So I had my first fashion show at the trade show in 1992 October. Add a comment




1. Do you think Ethiopia and Djibouti will integrate politically?

(133 votes)

65.4%   (87)
32.3%   (43)
2.3%   (3)


2. Do you think government housing projects will be better off if given to foreign companies?

(95 votes)

47.4%   (45)
52.6%   (50)
0%   (0)

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