Thursday 29th January 2015


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A Win-Win venture PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 January 2015 06:16

Heng Capital is an equity firm that has an office in Addis Ababa and the company is on the look out for potential investments in several areas, but especially the service sector. Capital spoke to Lian Jian, a partner at the firm, about the interests of the investment firm, and recommendations for developing industry parks.
Capital: What is your reason for being here?
Lian Jian:
The Chinese economist Justin Yifu Lin who used to be the Vice President of the World Bank and who is also a top adviser to the Chinese President believed that Africa has a potential to attract huge investments. 
During that time he saw the potential of East Africa so he picked two countries, Rwanda and Ethiopia and when he came back to China in 2012, he began promoting a new concept of structural economics related to development. He introduced a very famous company to Ethiopia called Huajian shoes that started manufacturing here.
I paid attention to Professor Justin Yifu Lin’s activities and we started our own company by looking into opportunities and organizing investors. I came here to discover investment opportunities in your country. It is my second visit to Ethiopia. Add a comment




1. Do you think injecting capital from equity firms into small companies will help them grow faster?

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2. Is climate change real?

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