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In the fight against climate change, Success is the only option PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 April 2015 07:14

The need for a fair and collective solution to fight climate change and the difficulty of achieving that was underlined at the ‘Road to Paris Regional Dialogue’ hosted by the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network, at the Gullele Botanic Garden, in Addis Ababa from April 7 to 9. Former Ambassador of France to Ethiopia, Stephane Gompertz in his new role of Ambassador for Climate Change (Africa and Indian Ocean) was in Addis Ababa as part of the COP 21 pre-conference build up led by Annick Girardin, State Minister of Development and Francophony. 
“Our aim is to arrive at a carbon neutral global economy by the end of the century,” says the Climate Change Ambassador explaining the ambitious role that COP21 has set for itself for achieving a balance between mitigation and adaptation to new energy policies and protection of the most vulnerable people among others. Capital’s Teguest Yilma talked to him about the COP21 scheduled to be held in Paris, France in December 2015, the expected outcome and why this time it would be any different. Excerpts:

Capital: Tell us about ‘The Road to Paris’ campaign’s mission, and your visit to Addis? 
Stephane Gompertz:
Our aim is to help pave the way for a positive outcome in Paris. The Paris Alliance should consist of four elements: a comprehensive, binding agreement; national commitments; financial mechanisms; and a whole set of technical, institutional, societal and political solutions (what we call the “solutions agenda”). All this has to be prepared, technically, politically, but also, and perhaps above all, psychologically. We are all on the same vessel the Earth. We should all cooperate in creating the conditions for a good agreement: our governments, public and private companies, but also public opinions, you, me, your readers.
It is thus necessary to involve public opinion in the preparation of the event and to hear suggestions from our partners. The “Road to Paris” conference and workshops, organized by Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Center and our embassy, have involved various partners from African governments and civil society, particularly young people. We, as representatives of the future Presidency of COP 21, have explained our expectations; but, above all, we have listened to the other participants, particularly the young, and learnt from their experience and suggestions. I have personally found this experience illuminating.  Add a comment

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Aiming big PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 April 2015 07:09

It is election season in Ethiopia with voters scheduled to go to the polls on May 24, 2015 for the fifth national election since the current government took power. According to figures, a total of 6,000 parliamentary candidates have been fielded by 58 political parties across the country.
Nearly 35 million Ethiopians have registered to cast their votes and the result of the election is set to be announced on June 22, 2015. Capital will be following the election process through different consecutive interviews it will be carrying out with different political parties keeping you updated on the election that has seen the biggest voter participation yet

The All Ethiopian Unity Organization (AEUO), one of the contestants for the 2015 national elections, was derived from the popular political party during the 2005 national election, Coalition for Unity and Democracy. AEUO has presented 350 candidates for the 5th round national election. Abebaw Mehari, President of AEUO recently replaced the long serving ex-president Eng. Hailu Shawul.  Abebaw has a Masters degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Edinburgh. He sat down with Capital’s Tesfaye Getnet to discuss AEUO’s campaign, challenges faced as well as what the party would bring to the table if it is to win the election. Excerpts: .

Capital: How many candidates did your party fielded for parliament and regional council?
Abebaw Mehari:
Before I answer that, I would like to start by speaking about the big concern of our party.  Most of the contesting parties were given 50 days to have their candidates registered by the Electoral Board.  AEUO was going through internal dispute at that time and was not able to send the candidates, list in time. After we settled the issue, the Electoral Board gave us only five days to announce our candidates. Although the time was too short, we sent a list of 350 parliamentary candidates. NEBE only approved 66 candidates. 
After a prolonged argument, the Electoral Board raised the number of AEUO candidates to 183. The decision knocked out 167 of our candidates from the contest. The same happened to our candidates who were going to compete for regional council seats. Out of the 300 candidates we presented, only 120 were approved by NEBE. Add a comment

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1. Do you think the 4G telecom service recently launched by ethio telecom is better connecting the public?

(557 votes)

36.6%   (204)
60%   (334)
3.4%   (19)


2. Do you think the growth of Ethiopia’s economy benefiting the lower class citizen?

(265 votes)

20.4%   (54)
75.5%   (200)
4.2%   (11)

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