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South West West region becomes new beneficiary of 4G LTE Advanced


Ethio telecom launched 4G LTE Advanced mobile internet service in the South West West Region. As part of the growth strategy plan to expand 4G LTE service in areas where there is high mobile data traffic on September 2, 2021, Ethio telecom launched its LTE advanced service in Gambella town. The expansion made a number of cities beneficiaries with the LTE advanced now accounting to 73.
“High speed features and reliable data service of 4G LTE will enable and empower our customers to digitalized their services, increase productivity and improve their experience,” said Firehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio telecom.
So far 69 million devices are connected to the network, 42 percent of them are smart phones which are capable to use advanced 4G, and in the South West West Region 29 percent of the whole customers have 4G enabled devices.

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

So far Ethio telecom has expanded its advanced LET service in Addis Ababa and 12 regions including Southeast region, Northwest region, East East region, South South west region, east region, Central east region, North East region, North east east region, South west region, South region and North North West regions.
The company is also finalizing the expansion of 4G LTE service in line with the data growth and demand, in the process of launching the service in various regions. Before the end of the year, Ethio Telecom is planning to reach out additional 106 towns with its advanced network.
The CEO highlighted that Ethio telecom has reformulate its three year plan with view to modernize services and enhance customer’s experience.
“By expanding its local and international telecom service packages, Ethio telecom will work to intensively meet its plan by strengthening telecom infrastructure, service quality, flexibility and accessibility,” said the CEO. By engaging in new business streams and shifting revenue source from traditional to value-added services and by offering more than 100 new and revamped local and international products & services, Ethio Telecom targets to generate 70 billion birr in revenue in the 2021/22 budget year.
The operator is also working to enable the country with 5G network services by 2022.
Beside its network expansion, Ethio telecom has also registered more than 9 million customers with its newly launched mobile money system, Telebirr. The system which has accounted about 3 and half months is operating certain new services payments including DSTV Ethiopia, websprix, Addis Ababa city traffics management agency, Zimol and others including contributions for the Ethiopian renaissance dam . The system has integrated its services with 7 banks including the commercial bank as well.
As the CEO said in few days Tele birr will start operating through international remittance as soon as it gets green light from the central bank.

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