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GERD fundraising set to continue

The national council for the coordination of public participation for the construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has asked Ethio telecom for the prolongation...

TeleBirr to launch in the coming weeks

Ethio-Telecom, the giant telecom service provider in the country is aggressively working to protect its market share plans and is about to start its...

Ethio telecom aggressively upgrading its service

Ethio telecom is aggressively upgrading its service all over the country making it the most vibrant company in the country. Despite the process of...

North Western Region receives LTE boost

In its bid to cover the country with LTE Advanced service Ethio telecom now launched its service in its North Western Region. The North...

Nyala introduces insurance for smart phones

Nyala Insurance introduces a new insurance line called ‘Le-mobile’ which is the first mobile insurance in Ethiopia. In collaboration with Ethio telecom and SZM Engineering...

South Eastern Region receives LTE boost

Ethio telecom launched of its LTE Advanced service for the first time in its South Eastern Region in cities including Adama, Bishoftu, Mojo, Dukem,...

Ethio Telecom asset valuation rise by 42%

First half of 2020/21 records success boom On a press briefing held on the 21st of January 2021, Ethio telecom CEO, Frehiwot Taimru highlighted the...

Ethio-Telecom to invest in the financial sector

Mobile money within sight The Council of Ministers amends the establishment of Ethio Telecom establishment regulation to boost the telecom giant’s operation besides its traditional...

The cause of Telecommunications cut in Tigray explained

Ethio-telecom announced that all telecom lines to the Mekelle core site in Tigray have been severed. According to Frehiwot, the telecom infrastructure lines linking Mekelle...

Ethio-Telecom urges SIM Card ownership transfer

The sole Tele communication operator, Ethio-telecom continues to urge its customers to make SIM card ownership transfers as it is one of the tools...
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