Sunday, May 19, 2024

What is the prohibition the Airport Customs office put in place at Bole International Airport?


The advertisement by airport customs office that prohibits import of any goods (including clothing and shoes) by supposedly businesspeople has been circulating on social media.

Many were asking about the originality of the letter.

According to Mitiku Abebaw Airport Customs office Customer Education Bureau member, the letter is correct and known by his office.

The reason for the current ban is that people import clothes and other materials from abroad and will go through without taxation, and “this is creating an unfair completion with those that import clothes and other materials legally.”

“One customer will always travel abroad and bring clothes repeatedly without the proper taxation, this is not fair for those who import clothes paying the proper taxation, so we are forced to ban these kinds of travellers from importing such good,” Mitiku said.

Thus, according to the new decision, “any traveler that comes with any clothing or business equipment, must pay for the proper tax and may also face some legal charges,” he added.

Tourists and other travellers are exempted from this regulation.

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