Saturday, July 13, 2024

DMP Rail Terminal launches freight to transport life saving goods for WFP


The World Food Program (WFP) receives much needed logistical boost as the DMP rail terminal launches a WFP bagged cereal delivery operations which kick stated Monday, April 17, 2023.
WFP now joins in the footsteps of the many users of the DMP rail terminal by shipping, for its first operation, and will now easily get nearly 3000 M/T of wheat destined for Ethiopia and plans to devote nearly 30 percent of its cargoes to rail transit.
WFP made the decision to combine road transport with rail transport while benefiting from DMP’s innovative operational solutions which are in high demand.
In east Africa, the rail transport presents itself as an interesting alternative to the various challenges of road transport. Its many advantages, namely: fast and secure mode of transport, low costs, large quantity transport and an ecological means of transport has made it a go to logistical means in the Horn.
The DMP, for its part, has anticipated the situation very well by equipping itself with modern and high-performance equipment for handling. Furthermore, a major investment program was set up in 2022 to meet the growing demand of its users and to be able to accommodate the latest generation ships.
There are currently five handling lines at the DMP rail terminal, three of which are for bagged goods or any other conventional goods, one loading line for vehicles and another for containers.
Today, the rail mode remains more relevant, with the densification of the goods, by combining it with maritime, road and air transport; it makes it possible to streamline the delivery of cargo to the final destination, which makes it an asset essential part of the multimodal system.
Since its launch in 2018, the Djibouti-Ethiopian railway line has relieved congestion on the Djibouti-Ethiopia road corridor and above all has enabled DMP to improve its performance and connectivity with its main hinterland.
DMP, thanks to its new lever has not only made it possible to increase the efficiency of multimodal transport but also in the participation of fulfilling the objectives of sustainable development of the region. For instance, the cargo leaving DMP is transported by an electric train from the Nagad Main Station for the significant reduction in CO2.
It is an undeniable fact that DMP is increasingly strengthening its position as an essential multimodal platform at regional and international level.
In addition, as part of the diversification of the markets served and the related income, DMP is planning on, in the very short term, the export of dry bulk to regional markets such as Sudan, Yemen and Kenya.

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