Capital 23th final
Capital 23th final
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MoA finalizes plan to provide land for oilseed cultivation

Ministry of Agriculture has completed preparing its plan which will be used to propose cultivation land for edible oil producer industries, Capital has learnt. Though...

MoA to plea for tax removal on animal feeds

Ministry of Agriculture /MoA/ drafts a document to request the ministry of finance to remove tax imposed on all kinds of animal feeds as...

MoA preps to float international fertilizer bid

Ministry of agriculture has completed its preparation to float an international bid for the procurement of different kinds of fertilizer for the coming year’s...

Two decade long agricultural policy receives revision

Pastoralists set to benefit from the inclusivity Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is revising a two decade old agricultural rural development policy in taking into account...

Ministry of Agriculture to purchase 5 helicopters to fight locust swarm

The year has been quite turbulent for the agricultural sector mainly because of the locust swarm. To this end, as one of the means...

‘Horo’ Doro could scramble Ethiopia’s egg market

The Ministry of Agriculture will lab test a new and improved local chicken breed called ‘Horo’ in the next few months. If they succeed...
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