Capital 23th final
Capital 23th final
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NBE repeals controversial bond bill

After promising they would do so for a year, the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has repealed the controversial bill imposed on private banks,...

Reform NBE first, financiers say

Experts argued that before public banks are reformed the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) should reform itself. In a panel discussion entitled: ‘the state of...

Banks want NBE bill lifted

Many private banks are not comfortable with the National Bank of Ethiopia’s (NBE) five percent interest rates on deposits and the requirement that they...

MFIs given more power

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), which supervises financial institutions, disclosed that it is drafting a directive to allow Microfinance Institutions to change their...

NBE approves minimum premium policy rate

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), which regulates financial intuitions, is amending Insurance Business Proclamation No. 746/2012. This would allow NBE to set a...

Forex available for loan to foreign investors as local businesses cry...

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) issued another controversial directive that would allow foreign investors to access foreign currency on credit for importing capital...

NBE reserves grow by 15%

The National Bank of Ethiopia’s (NBE) first quarter bulletin for 2018/19 budget year indicated that at the end of first quarter of 2018/19, reserve...

NBE leader rolls out new reforms

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), the central bank, announced that, despite the foreign currency shortage, there have been significant reforms in the financial...

NBE receiving paltry gold deposits

Widespread contraband trade, political instability in gold mining regions, and a need for a better system to stop corruption are being blamed for a...

NBE allows banks to check and approve price of imported items

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), which regulates financial institutions, amended the ‘Setting of Indicative Minimum Price for Selected Import Items’ directive issued four...
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